Friday, May 29, 2009

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight


Gravimetric Water Sorption Analyzer

The DVS Intrinsic, the new gravimetric water sorption analyzer from Surface Measurement Systems (Alperton, United Kingdom), measures water uptake and loss in samples by controlling the relative humidity in each sample and suspending it from a symmetric digital microbalance named UltraBalance. The DVS Intrinsic accommodates samples weighing up to 4 grams or as large as 40 mm and maintains accuracy even when processing samples of a very small size (typically 1 to 20mg).

Originally designed for laboratories and manufacturing plants, the DVS Intrinsic features include hygrosopicity, water sorption kinetics, and water-induced morphology changes (e.g. amorphous content) in the form of pharmaceutical powders, tablets, active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipient materials, as well as diffusion in controlled release encapsulation.

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Benchtop Microplate Thermoshakers

The new Jitterbug 2 and Jitterbug 4 Benchtop Microplate Thermoshakers from Boekel Scientific (Feasterville, Pa.) are available in two plate and four plate models. Their units function as microplate thermoshakers, as shakers without incubating, or as incubators without shaking. Operating at variable speeds and temperatures, the thermoshakers' programmable timer displays elapsed time, automatically sounding an alarm when the process is complete and the unit turns off. The compact and noise-free Jitterbug 2 and Jitterbug 4 feature a soft-start on their shaking function to reduce splashing and spillage, and their low voltage power supply enables safe use in a cold room or incubator.

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New Isolera Flash Purification System

The New Isolera Flash Purification System from Biotage AB (Uppsala, Sweden) offers an advanced feature which creates elution gradients and suggests cartridge and sample size. The Isolera's variable wavelength detector option increases compound recovery and provides cleaner fractions. By implementing up to four solvents in a single gradient, users can purify samples with diverse polarity simultaneously and can isocratically pump a third co-solvent into the binary gradient to maintain compound solubility and manage pressure.

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Zeiss Laser Scanning Microscope

The LSM 710 NLO Laser Scanning Microscope from Carl Zeiss Micro-Imaging, Inc. (Thornwood, N.Y.) uses femtrosecond multiphoton technology to provide high-resolution images of the fluorescent structures in living animals and thick tissue specimens. This allows for long-time observation of development processes and photo manipulation in such structures. The LSM 710 simultaneously records up to five fluorescence signals in the non-descanned mode and signal decoupling is located directly on the objective lens. It is completely integrated into the ZEN 2008 software platform.

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Vacufuge Plus Vacuum Concentrator

This new vacuum from Eppendorf North America, Inc. (Westbury, N.Y.) concentrates, dries, and purifies DNA, RNA, nucleotides, or proteins quickly and effectively with its innovative technology. This product's unique features include an easy-touse control panel, LCD display, and 13 fixed-angle rotors on its plus model. By offering four levels of heating and enabling solvent pre-selection, the Vacufuge Plus reduces evaporation times while preventing sample loss.

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New Lightweight Pipette

ThermoFisher Scientific (Boston) introduces the lightweight and user-friendly Matrix Hybrid Multichannel pipette. This product features incremental scrolling and voice-recognition, and includes 8- and 12-channel pipettes that support volume ranges of 0.5 �l to 12.5 �l, 2 �l to 30 �l, and 20 �l to 300 �l. The light plunger operation relieves strain on the wrist or thumb, making it comfortable to use. By minimizing tip application and ejection forces the Matrix Hybrid Multichannel pipette decreases the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) and eliminates problems associated with loose, leaking, or uneven tips.

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